Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ESPN Shoot – Saluting NFL Icons!

Alumni Cheerleaders member and former DCC, Vicki Hammons Woodlee, shares her exciting day with other Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Alumni for an ESPN shoot.  Way to go former and current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!!

Vicki 2nd from left

In celebration of 90 years of the NFL, ESPN will be producing a magazine in the fall saluting NFL icons.  The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were chosen as one of the icons and ESPN traveled to Cowboys Stadium for a recent photo shoot.  The group leaders from 1972 to present were selected to represent each year of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!  In addition to the photo shoot, ESPN also did personal interviews and random footage of the event all of which will be featured on ESPN

We started the day in Section 228 of the new Cowboys Stadium while ESPN set up the field shot.  A massive crane was used for an aerial picture and the photographers were raised as high as the stadium ceiling!   We all outlined the Big, Beautiful, Blue Cowboy star which is center field and the current cheerleaders were in front with plenty of poms and smiles.  After the group shot, we were photographed decade by decade.

Each alumnus wore her elite alumni Dallas Cowboys jersey which features the number of our rookie year.  It was the first time an event was scheduled for group leaders only so we took advantage of the opportunity to put names with faces and see which group leaders were heading up which years.  We also had a tour of the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room and were able to take some wonderful memory-making photos!

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were the only professional NFL cheerleading team to receive the recognition from ESPN.  The magazine will be out in September just in time for football season.  GO COWBOYS!


Lia Duncan

Alumni Cheerleaders found out what member, Lia Duncan, who is a former Sacramento Kings Dancer, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders Cheerleader has been up too.  She shares a great story and impressive background with us about how she got started with cheerleading and dancing.

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but raised here is Sacramento, California.  I guess I started like many professional dance/cheerleaders by splitting my time between the dance company and cheerleading squad in high school.  Most of my dance training post high school was at a local studio in Sacramento, Step 1, run by Pepper Von.

The first team I ever cheered for was the Sacramento Surge.  They were a professional football team in the now defunct World League of American Football, which later became NFL Europe.  While it was a small league, it gave me the foundation of working within a team and professionalism.  Our director of our squad, the “California Girls Cheerleaders,” was the former Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC), Debbie Bond.  She definitely ran our squad with the same philosophy of DCC, stressing discipline and excellence. 

I also cheered in the Canadian Football League (CFL) for the Sacramento Gold Miners, as a “Pure Gold Cheerleader.”  This squad was directed by Pepper Von and Mary Wright.  Again, it was an experience working with a smaller league but the Sacramento fans were very supportive and loyal to their team.

Another one of the teams I had the privilege of cheering for was the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, as a member of the “Fastbreak Dance Team.”  Heidi Hopper was our director and a former pro cheerleader herself, with the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush.  Heidi also ran her squad with a healthy dose of discipline and it was a much more dance-oriented squad.  Heidi’s goal was to have a very well rounded dance team, which is what we were.  After Heidi’s retirement from the team, Wendy Rogers took over.  Wendy was also a former Sac Kings Fastbreak Dance Team member from my first year.

The greatest thing that the “Fastbreak Dance Team” taught me was perseverance.  I did not make the team my first time auditioning.  Even more challenging, I did not make it back after being on the team my first year.  That taught me not only to be humble but not to take my position on the team for granted.  I did later rejoin the team for an additional two years with was fantastic.

The season following my last year on Kings, I auditioned for and joined the Oakland Raiders as a member of the “Raiderettes.”  The team was directed by Mary Barnes.  Our head choreographer was Karen Kovac and assistant choreographer was Ramona Braganza.  The Raiderettes was the first team I cheered for that had an even greater following beyond the local area of the team.  I definitely felt the difference cheering for such a huge organization within the NFL.  I had a great time cheering for them all three years.

My swan song as a pro cheerleader came as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, “Gold Rush Cheerleaders.” Again, there was such a mystique with cheering for the 49ers on “Goldrush”  Like the Oakland Raiders, the 49ers had a huge fan base and I always felt the passion of the fans throughout the country on various promotional events.

One thing that sounds chiche’ but is very true in my case is the friendships that I made in my years of cheering.  I had dance team members from all of the pro teams that I cheered for in my wedding party.  Many of them are my closest friends to this day.  The years that I cheered professionally were as follows:

1991- Sacramento Surge, “California Girls Cheerleaders

1991-92 – Sacramento Kings, “Fastbreak Dance Team

1994 – Sacramento Gold Miners, “Pure Gold Cheerleaders

1994-96 – Sacramento kings, “Fastbreak Dance Team

1996-99 – Oakland Raiders, “Raiderettes

2000 – San Francisco 49ers, “Gold Rush Cheerleaders

As for my life now, I feel like an average, everyday wife and mother.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Sean for six and a half years and we have a beautiful four year old son named J.C. (John Curtis).  Like most mothers, I juggle home life with my job.  I work for the California Prison Health Care Services.

On the side, I enjoy working out and taking fitness classes…Zumba is my favorite and I recently completed my instructor training in Zumba!  I was drawn to Zumba because of the Latin dance influence as well as the fact that anyone can do it.  It’s a ton of fun.

AVP Dancers -1st ever official dance team of the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour

Life’s a beach for these talented ladies!  The AVP Dancers are the first ever official dance team of the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour, which hits dozens of cities throughout the United States.  The team was founded by Alumni Cheerleaders member, Whitney Frink, a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, who was inspired at the Beijing Olympics by the volleyball dancers.  Currently a producer for NBC’s “Access Hollywood” in Los Angeles, Whitney longed to perform again, but could not devote countless days to a demanding NBA or NFL practice and performance schedule.  So she approached the AVP with a proposal, and the rest is sun-kissed history.

AVP Dancers

All 11 talented beauties come from a variety of backgrounds and have a plethora of experience. Count the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, the Laker Girls, the San Diego Charger Girls, the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, and the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders among the long list of professional pasts on this team.

And they’ve already got a swimsuit calendar!  Order your 2010 AVP Dancers swimsuit calendar, shot in Los Cabos, Mexico, at: http://www.vbsuperstore.com/index.php?cPath=56

Calendar Cover


Calendar Interior

Calendar Interior

 Congratulations Whitney with your new squad!!

Whitney Frink - Falcons 2002

Whitney Frink - Falcons 2002

Whitney Frink

Whitney Frink

 Check out the AVP Squad’s video!! ]

Check out the making of their 2010 calendar shoot! nolink]

Pro Cheer Danz Gets Rolling With Fashion Show on July 3rd!!


COSTA MESA, Calif. (June 29, 2009) – Veteran actor/director and Costa Mesa resident Derick Alexander  along with his sister former Oakland Raiderette Roxanne Alexander-Pringle are teaming together to create the next big thing in reality television: Pro Cheer Danz. And on July 3, director Derick Alexander will be filming a fashion show segment for the show’s pilot at OC’s hottest nightclub, Sutra Lounge.

Pro Cheer Danz is hell bent on discovering America’s next break out star — like former cheerleaders Paula Abdul and Teri Hatcher. The show chronicles the lives of seven amateur cheerleaders who compete in cheer and dance routines, hip hop dance with celebrity rap artists, an acting competition as well as both fashion and swimsuit calendar modeling.

On July 3rd, Pro Cheer Danz contestants will be modeling designer fashions provided by stylists Eddie and Kirsten Prosser of Corona Del Mar’s onQuestyle. Celebrity guest judge Bonnie-Jill Laflin and co-host Amanda Latona will be wearing custom made collection pieces in fine European fabrics by up-and-coming OC designer Oday Shakar. Dramatic gem stone jewelry is being provided by Left Turn Jewelry.

Pro Cheer Danz co-host Amanda Latona will emcee both the red carpet walk and the fashion show. Formerly a professional pop music singer and dancer, Latona is a two-time Model America champion and 2008 Flex Bikini Model Search contestant. Amanda was also recently featured in the June 2009 issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine.

The Pro Cheer Danz pilot also features celebrity guest judge Bonnie-Jill Laflin, who is currently the first and only female scout in the NBA for the LA Lakers. She is also a sports broadcaster on ESPN and has been voted one of Maxim’s Hottest 100 Women in the World. Bonnie-Jill has danced and cheered for the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and San Franscisco 49ers.

“Our contestants are truly the stars of the show,” says Pro Cheer Danz co-creator and director Derick Alexander. “My sister Roxanne and I have worked hard to put together a diverse group of highly-spirited and talented individuals who are each uniquely gifted. It will be exciting to see it all come together as we explore each segment of the show.”

 About Co-Creators Derick Alexander and Roxanne Alexander-Pringle

Derick Alexander is a veteran actor from such TV shows and feature films as “DreamGirls,” “Cast Away,” “King of Queens,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “E.R,” to name a few. A graduate of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, Alexander recently directed and co-wrote the film, “The Last Days of Toussaint L’Ouverture.” He lives in Costa Mesa, Calif., with his wife and two daughters. Alexander’s sister Roxanne Alexander-Pringle is the show’s host and co-creator.  Alexander-Pringle is a former four-time Oakland Raiderette who has experience with all aspects of professional cheerleading including game day performances, modeling, TV and photo shoots, fan-based promotions and community service. She has a college graduate son and resides in Stockton, Calif., with her husband as well as her teenage daughter and twin toddler boys.

Derick Alexander is represented by Mimi Mayer at Angel City Talent. Studio inquiries about Pro Cheer Danz and meeting requests with Mr. Alexander can be facilitated by contacting Mimi Mayer at 818-760-9980.

Media Contact: Sheryll Alexander

(206) 291-0485


Vicki Hammons Woodlee

Alumni Cheerleaders is excited to share what one of America’s “Original” Sweethearts is doing now after hanging up her pom poms.  Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Vicki Woodlee still loves to dance and performed at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders reunion last season.  This was the last performance for the DCC and their Alumni to perform at Texas Stadium.  Vicki is the proud mom of 4 sons and one is a co-producer for the new FOX show Glee that aired May 19th.  Below is the latest and greatest from Vicki.  Enjoy!

Beverly Gallaher, Carla Powers, and Vicki Woodlee (Farewell to Texas Stadium)

Beverly Gallaher, Carla Powers, and Vicki Woodlee (Farewell to Texas Stadium)

I was proud to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the very beginning of the development of professional cheerleaders in 1973 and in 1974.   Although the first squad for the DCC cheerleaders was in 1972, the idea of having dancing cheerleaders as entertainment at a professional football game was still trying to find a niche in 1973.  Many of the fans weren’t sure how to react to us.  I once had a fan ask, “What are you dancing girls doing there on the field?”!

1973 was a year of firsts for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  This was the first year the cheerleaders expanded into two lines so each side of the field could have cheerleaders cheering during the game (the original group simply rotated each quarter).  This was the first year we increased the number of cheerleaders (16) and the first year we had head cheerleaders, and I was fortunate enough to be one. I was also the very first Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to be in a Dallas Cowboys Media Guide (1975)!  Yes, that was a LONG time ago, but remember, the cheerleaders had to start somewhere, and I was blessed to be a part of that foundation.

When I cheered, we had a winter uniform (consisting of a blue turtle-neck leotard and a fringe skirt with the vest, gauntlets and belt) and we also had a summer uniform which was the well-known DCC uniform the entire world recognizes today!  Some thought the uniform was controversial and way too revealing.  Many thought we were a passing fad that would quickly fade.  However, we held our heads high through much criticism and boldly moved forward to help create a new dimension to football: dancing cheerleaders!  Little did we know at the time we were changing the face of cheerleading forever.

After cheering, I was blessed to have four sons. I owned a dance studio for 10 years and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and English with Creative Writing Specialization from Southern Methodist University.  I am currently a staffing consultant for Express Employment Professionals and I still love to dance!

My family is amazing!  Two of my sons are Garland Police Officers (Matt and Slade), one of my sons is a Mesquite Firefighter (Beau) and Zach is co-producer of the new FOX series Glee which aired May 19th.  Zach is also the choreographer for ABC’s “Eli Stone” and the movie “Fired up”.

Check out clips from her son’s new show Glee! www.facebook.com/glee  It aired on FOX  after American Idol on May 19thClick here to see interview with Vicki’s son Zach at the Glee Dance camp.  Way to go Zach!!

Vicki in summer uniform 1970's

Vicki in summer uniform 1970's

DCC Group Shot 1970's

DCC Group Shot 1970's


Vicki in DCC winter uniform

Vicki in DCC winter uniform

Vicki Woodlee

Vicki Woodlee